Astro-Notes on March 20, 2013 – Spring Equinox

The Sun’s ingress to Aries at 7:01 am EDT this morning marks the Vernal Equinox and the beginning of spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. Day and night are of equal length today, poised and balanced, but about to tip over on the side of the light. This is reversed in the Southern Hemisphere, where now autumn begins. All solar festivals are quarter days in the wheel of the year that start a new season and are therefore relevant for the duration of it. However, the spring equinox can have influence over the entire year by revealing the trends that will ‘shoot up’ like the germs that pierce the harsh crust of the soil at this time of the year. The festival itself is sacred to dawn, the east, the morning star and to youth. Eostre (from whose name the direction East and the holiday Easter is derived) is a dawn goddess of the Saxons, like Aurora and Eos. Just as the dawn is the time of new light, so is the vernal equinox the time of new life. Holidays in March are dedicated to all the great fertility goddesses, who show themselves in the blossoms, the leaves on the trees, the sprouting of the crops, the mating of birds and the birth of young animals. In the agricultural cycle, it is time for planting. We are assured that life will continue. Consequently, the Sun’s transit through Aries corresponds to a time of emergence, “birth”, new beginnings and strong self-expression, when we feel the urge to initiate action on our behalf, to pioneer things and to conquer unchartered territories; when self-determination, impatience and willfulness are on the rise and when we are courageous, fierce and impulsive, even daring, as we’re pushing forward. During this period will we be strongly inclined to express our animus or the yang principle and thus show a tendency to act from an instinctual and primal level. Aspects reaching perfection today are the tense octile aspects between Ceres in Gemini and retrograde Saturn in Scorpio – a waning sesqui-quadrate – and between Pallas in Aries and Chiron in Pisces – a waxing semi-square, which are indicative of the crises we’re facing at this juncture, where we are trying to reorganize our life and put things into context, as well as of the acuity of the situation that calls for decisive action and also for commitment toward pursuing a course. Therefore, it is important that we review and remove the obstacles that stand in the way of our growth and the finalization of our plans. We have to uncover and tap lines of support we haven’t thought of yet. Instead of ‘caving in’ or surrendering, while struggling with uncertainty and our own cluelessness in this regard, we have to take the initiative. Pallas and Ceres are approaching a sextile and retrograde Saturn and Chiron a trine to which Jupiter in Gemini connects with a quincunx and a square, respectively. Thus, we have a complex aspect pattern that will ‘evolve’ over the next few days, promising an ‘exciting’ and dynamic spring filled with opportunities as well as stimulation for cyclical renewal, all of which has the potential to result in the long yearned for closure we’re seeking, thereby opening the door for new beginnings if we recognize the possibilities and are ready and willing to ‘cross a few bridges’ leading to new horizons.

By looking at the weather outside here in my neck of the woods, I can literally witness the winter, although in its last throes, packing up a punch and howling frost and snow our way as if there were no escape from it – the cold lasting forever. But this is an illusion. The storms are actually heralds of the new season being unleashed in a fury as it seems.

Vernal Equinox 2013Tarot card of the day is the “King of Cups”, suggesting that we feel emotionally balanced and in control, because we’re drawing on emotional maturity to navigate life’s challenges. We’re being responsive and not reactive and thus capable of managing strong emotions that may surface. Also, we intuitively know what choices to make and which approach is needed at any given moment. Moreover, a wide range of artistic and cultural activities are emphasized.


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