Astro-Notes on March 24, 2013 – new beginnings

Venus in Aries, following in the Sun’s ‘footsteps’, casts a sesqui-quadrate to the North Node in Scorpio (semi-square South Node in Taurus) and a sextile to Juno in Aquarius, urging us to get our priorities straight to be able to influence our future prospects in the way we want to see them evolve and thus add quality to our experiences by bringing forward new values, thereby taking advantage of changing relationships for Self-validation. A semi-sextile between the Sun in Aries and Neptune in Pisces shows an adjustment of this new sense of Self toward dreams we’ve been longing to fulfill. After the Moon’s ingress to Virgo at 11:49 am EDT will we feel more pragmatic and ready to improve our situation.

Tarot card of the day is “The Fool”, referring to unlimited potential, new beginnings, a sense of innocence and naivety. Anything can happen as we start on this journey. We could be taken into unchartered territory and thus need to be aware of the risks and dangers we could encounter, but also need to be ready to take on the opportunities presented to us. This card encourages us to have faith and calls upon us to trust, believe in our spirit and to follow our heart.

In the news: Musharraf returns to Pakistan amid death threats


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