Astro-Notes on May 18, 2013 – inevitable conclusion

The Moon made ingress to Virgo at 5:32 am EDT, while we’re still processing the impact of the First Quarter Moon and

Juno’s square to the nodal axis, which are necessitating us to overcome the final obstacles in the way of our progress and Self-realization. Consequently, we’re in an analyzing and observing mood, while at the same time trying to be efficient and pragmatic as we’re planning our day. Meanwhile, Mercury in Gemini has left a square to Neptune in Pisces that is suggestive of us pondering all these questions and revelations in our sleep as an over-stimulated imagination kept our mind busy spinning new visions and hoping that our dreams would provide us with answers. Mercury will form a quincunx to retrograde Saturn in Scorpio later in the day, while we’re undergoing Venus in Gemini’s entanglement with Uranus and Pluto (sextile Uranus in Aries and quincunx Pluto Rx in Capricorn), that is offering us an opportunity for exciting social get-togethers, away from limiting and suppressing circumstances to be able to regenerate from within and regain influence over our affairs. We can actually enjoy the social scene and the company of others or make new acquaintances if we choose so and adjust our values and priorities accordingly. Circumstances beyond our control and other ‘intensified’ conditions though require flexibility and adaptability.

Tarot card of the day is the “10 of Swords”, suggesting that we may feel victimized and powerless or just ‘dead tired’ and exhausted, wishing for a clean break from a stressful issue. However, this is the final ordeal, presenting us with a confrontation of the sum total of our thoughts and outcome of mental processes. Thus, a reorientation or gaining of perspective might ensue and things might get better from now on. It is important though to let go off negative attitudes and to accept our current circumstances. Something is coming to end and change is impending. The worst is over and the only way is up.


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