Astro-Notes on May 27, 2013 – controlling the “truth”

The Sun in Gemini’s quincunx to retrograde Saturn in Scorpio indicates a personal adjustment in the way we deal with

structures, control and obligations by either stepping up to the plate and fulfilling our responsibilities or holding ourselves accountable OR by avoiding responsibility altogether and simply shifting blame to others. Mercury’s conjunction with Jupiter in Gemini indicates the availability of all kinds of channels for our ideas and messages to broadcast or spread. In fact, we have plenty of options to get our personal opinion across and to get ‘known’ for it. Moreover, the concept of duality runs high today and thus can be recognized, demonstrated and understood by a greater number of people. This also starts a new sub-cycle that will set us on a new or different course thinking- and relating-wise, while providing us with many opportunities for mental growth and also allowing for greater connectivity as we see or think of new possibilities to learn, inform, meet or get together and communicate. With Venus in Gemini’s sextile aspect to Eris in Aries, we have a chance to win others over by showcasing a more authentic side of our nature.

Tarot card of the day is the “King of Wands”, a card that represents increasing belief in ourselves and rising self-confidence. We’re focusing our intent and learn to act in the moment. Strongly motivated and engaged, we know we will succeed. This is a day to be courageous, entrepreneurial and to reach for our goals. Moreover, we have the ability to control our environment and live our life with intent and vision. It’s important to remain focused on our long-term goals. Opportunities coming our way today have to be navigated with a clear sense of direction and the understanding that we’re the determining factor in this situation and can tackle any challenge.

In the news: Toronto Mayor R. Ford’s brother blasts the media, calling them a “bunch of maggots” amidst other statements – Alberta truck’s oversized load blamed for Washington bridge collapse – Banff cougar fought off by skateboarder – Japanese mafia tattoos shown off at parade despite ban – EU discusses arms embargo on Syria


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