Astro-Notes on May 28, 2013 – things are coming together

Venus’ conjunction with Jupiter in Gemini brings values, talents, assets or resources, people and concepts, options and

possibilities together in the connective sign Gemini. Thus, we’re starting a new sub-cycle during which we have opportunities to attract others of like mind through a variety of artsy outlets so that we can sell what we have to offer, disseminate our various gifts, add quality and ‘greatness’ to our encounters and exchanges, spread our principle of love and address priorities, security needs and prosperity in a social sense and larger context. After the Moon’s ingress to Aquarius at 5:48 pm EDT will we feel more inspired or stimulated in this regard and seek to network or collaborate with our social circle. With the Sun in Gemini casting a semi-square to Eris in Aries, it is critical that we bring forth the competitive side of our personality and promote our self-interests. Pallas will make ingress to Gemini late in the night at 11:07 pm EDT, where she will be traversing until July 21, which corresponds to a period when we use clever and swift strategies, are flexible and adaptable in our tactics and employ our politics locally or in our close surroundings, while moving quickly and keeping ourselves busy.

Tarot card of the day is the “Queen of Swords”, suggesting that we’re finding mental clarity, apply logic and objectivity to a situation and work on problem-solving and detachment from emotions in order to be able to judge and discern impartially. We’re cutting to the chase and get straight to the point. The situation demands that we come into our own by finding independence and autonomy and having the courage of our convictions.

In the news: McCain slips into Syria to meet with rebel leaders – Cuba’s top ballet school restored – Some Canadians smell maple scent on new bills


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