Astro-Notes on May 31, 2013 – dawning realizations

Before Mercury in Gemini and Mars in Taurus made ingress to Cancer and Gemini this morning, they formed a last degree semi-sextile, emphasizing a last chance adjustment we had to do or at least to address in regard to a communication-related issue if we want things to continue as usual and ensure ends are met. With retrograde Saturn in Scorpio now engaged in a trine to Neptune in Pisces, important realizations have been made as the missing pieces fall into place and finalizing steps are being taken. For some, an era comes to an end – for others, their sense of structure has been renewed or transformed due to the completion of lessons and experiences, which left a deep impact. Mercury’s ingress to Cancer, where he will be traversing until August 8 due to an impending retrograde, happened at 3:06 am EDT and Mars’ ingress to Mercury-ruled Gemini, where he will be transiting until July 13, transpired at 6:38 am EDT. These energy shifts started a period during which we seek to support our plans, ideas and projects and to nurture and foster issues of communication, connectivity and mobility and this influences the way we will approach matters from now on and take action. Also, we will be more flexible and adaptable in our ‘modus operanti’, even multi-task as we keep ourselves busy. As the waning Pisces Moon squares the Gemini Sun at 2:58 pm EDT, marking the Third Quarter Moon phase in the Taurus lunation cycle, the accompanying crisis in consciousness challenges us to overcome a sense of loss, disappointment or disillusionment due to disconnectedness, miscommunication or cancellation of plans or other news and signs, which fail to meet our expectations. The ‘spiritual forces (or karma) at work’ (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Taurus New Moon) have opened our eyes, even illuminated us in many ways, but didn’t show us how to proceed from there.

Tarot card of the day is “The World”, signifying the end of a cycle and/or the final and successful completion of any issue at hand. We have arrived at our destination or have reached the culmination of a long series of events. There is a dawning realization and understanding of where we are at. What goes around comes around.

In the news: Cox-Arquette divorce finalized – 4 killed in air ambulance crash in northern Ontario – Russian arms dealer plans to ship new fighter jets to Syria

Personal News: I called up my daughter and ex-husband to set up an appointment for my car to get the tire exchanged and also to inquire how to deal with my mail and internet security provider’s change for which the window hasn’t popped up anymore. Just hope this can still be resolved. My landlord, who was around the last couple of days, but never showed, finally called me this morning when I was in the shower. Although I returned his call, I couldn’t reach him and thus, he won’t have his rent cheque for next month. The cheque is written and the money is in the account, but, hey, if you can only come around the last minute, you have to take your chances.


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