Astro-Notes on June 12, 2013 – making a judgment call

Since the Moon’s ingress to Leo at the very beginning of the day here in the Eastern Time zone at 00:57 am EDT have we been

feeling more confident, creative and self-centered. With Pallas in Gemini repeating Mars’ semi-square to Eris in Aries, it is critical that we are also self-conscious on the one hand and authentic on the other as well as mindful of our politics and interests in order to succeed with our plans and projects. As Mercury in Cancer forms a trine to the North Node in Scorpio (sextile South Node in Taurus), an idea we’ve nurtured or a thought process started in the past regarding our future prospects is finally getting carried out or coming to an end as we have a chance to take advantage of support we could receive from contacts we’ve cultivated and fostered or due to compiled or stored records or information we can rely on. Venus in Cancer’s square to Uranus in Aries challenges us to initiate changes and progress to be on the safe side, in particular after we’ve realized that we cannot control certain circumstances and as a consequence cannot side-step security issues and material or relationship needs any longer, but have to act in our own interest.

Tarot card of the day is “Judgment”, suggesting that we’re having a day of reckoning, when we can find absolution or are heeding a call. Therefore, it’s important that we use good judgment, release all sorrows and lift ourselves up. We might have experienced an epiphany that opens ourselves up to a new possibility, which is like an awakening to new life that can lead to renewal and change.

In the news: Fort McMurray declares state of emergency – Istanbul clashes subside ahead of scheduled talks – Dalton McGuinty to resign as MPP today – Brazil prepares for World Cup


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