Astro-Notes on June 20, 2013 – focusing our intent

Today, Vesta in Cancer’s square to Eris in Aries reaches perfection, while Pallas in Gemini forms a sextile to Uranus

in Aries and Mars in Gemini a semi-square to Ceres in Cancer. Consequently, the struggles and discord we’ve been experiencing over the last couple of days have to be overcome today if we want to be able to take care of the things we hold sacred and support our causes. In fact, we can make headway on several fronts if we apply our energy and will accordingly and remain consistent in our efforts as well as committed to projects and plans we need to nurture and carry out. As Mercury meets Venus in Cancer, a new sub-cycle begins during which we have a chance to nourish and care for our ideas, values and needs and to rely on our connections and good relations.

Tarot card of the day is the “King of Wands”, a card that represents increasing belief in ourselves and rising self-confidence. We’re focusing our intent and learn to act in the moment. Strongly motivated and engaged, we know we will succeed. This is a day to be courageous, entrepreneurial and to reach for our goals. Moreover, we have the ability to control our environment and live our life with intent and vision. It’s important to remain focused on our long-term goals. Opportunities coming our way today have to be navigated with a clear sense of direction and the understanding that we’re the determining factor in this situation and can tackle any challenge.

In the news: Senators reach border deal, smoothing path to immigration overhaul – Obama’s nuke reduction goal is just the start of a slow process – All-white town fights to preserve segregation in Mandela’s “Rainbow nation”

Personal Notes: The season has progressed to a point (Ceres in Cancer) where its growth poses different problems to gardeners and farmers alike, especially after all the rain we had (Chiron and Neptune in Pisces). For me and some others I know, it brought a struggle with allergies (Pallas and Mars in Gemini) that affects my eyes (Gemini) in particular. So, I have to keep my hands (Gemini) under control and my will strong to not give in to those itching urges. Needless to say that I couldn’t really enjoy nature, now that we finally have a few nice, sunny days, but rather had to protect myself from it. The black flies seem to have a heyday in this climate and the birds are just a delight (except when they shit on my car). With the Sun-Jupiter conjunction yesterday, I was able to chat with my girlfriend on Skype all morning, which is always a blessing. She really understands many of my problems and issues, because we speak the same language – “astrologese”. Other connections have not worked out so well – with all the mutable energies around, in particular the Pisces ones, there’s rather some disconnect and misunderstanding, but I trust this too shall be resolved soon. Other than that, I hope the car won’t give me any more troubles, even though we’re in the Mercury shadow phase already (crossing my fingers here and knocking on wood). As Mercury is about to retrograde through Cancer, my home group/internet connection is up for review. I will get a new provider and antivirus program. In addition to that, I have to change my email addresses, save and store all my data and reset passwords. I’m not really looking forward to that, but it is inevitable as so many other things that have been changing and evolving. The past is definitely over – many aspects of it are dissolving right in front of our eyes. Although it’ll lead to renewal and perhaps even progress or improvement, at times it really is scary.


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