Astro-Notes on June 21, 2013 – Summer Solstice

Reaching its northernmost point from the equator, the Sun’s ingress to Cancer at 1:03 am EDT this morning marks the summer solstice and the beginning of summer. Consequently, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we experience the longest day, whereas for the Southern Hemisphere it is the longest night and the start of winter. As the Sun seems to ‘stand still’ (sol sistere) high in the sky, we transition into ‘stasis’ and have a chance to pause, stop and take stock before fully committing ourselves to the new season. Individual development is at peak. There is liveliness and vibrancy as well as a re-gathering and refocusing of intent. A time of Self-nurturance and Self-growth, of sustaining our sense of Self and supporting our center, is beginning now. With Venus in Cancer squaring Eris in Aries, we readily recognize the necessity for this, because of the pressure on the emotional level that comes with it, which forces us out of our protective shell. We’re not only fighting our inner nature, we also have to conquer outer conditions if we want to survive in this competitive, divided world and seek to cultivate our values, protect our assets, grow content and take care of our wellbeing and prosperity. Therefore, since the Moon’s ingress to Sagittarius at 4:30 am EDT, have we been more enterprising and adventurous as well as inclined to take a risk.

Tarot card of the day is “Strength”, suggesting that we draw upon our inner strength and the power of our spirit and will. With compassion and understanding can we handle the most difficult situation and also tame the beast within. We have the ability to be tolerant, forgiving and accepting and thus can gently influence our environment. Furthermore, we can be assured that we have enough endurance to see things through to their end and get a lot accomplished.

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