Astro-Notes on June 28, 2013 – crazy busyness

As Jupiter in Cancer perfects a sesqui-quadrate to the North Node in Scorpio (semi-square SN in Taurus), Mars in Gemini forms another one with retrograde Saturn in Scorpio and retrograde Mercury in Cancer squares Eris in Aries again. Thus, it is critical that we investigate and explore or really ‘dig’ all options that have future potential and can help our development along. In order to be able to set a course for our future and to foster our growth, we need to hold onto our beliefs and principles and also have to intensify our efforts in this regard. Eventually, success will be ours, if we just remain flexible and adaptable and stick to our objectives. As things are getting more complex and conditions intensify, the ‘going gets tough’, which forces us to review our attitude and strengthen our will if we want to win in these situations. This is how far I came with my notes this morning. I haven’t been really inspired lately. Therefore, it takes me longer to write something up and then it was already too late for posting, because I had to leave for work, where it has been crazy busy all day as we’re heading into the long weekend and people are getting ready for it. These occasions – whether they are public holidays or national celebrations – are usually a pretty stressful time as everybody is out and about. And to make matters worse – some shop as if there were no tomorrow. Consumerism can be taken to extremes and mindlessness can cause unnecessary strife and discord. Consequently, when on the road, you have to be more careful and when you don’t have to avoid shopping altogether. Even at the gas station there was a line-up and as I arrived here I had to park my car on the other side and have to move it later as every single parking spot around here was taken. Anyway, it has been raining since yesterday night and finally cooled down a bit. So, I just hope that this will dampen the “high-flying spirits” of the partying crowd a bit and that I can catch some sleep.

Tarot card of the day is the “8 of Wands”, representing a very focused kind of motion and activity, a time when we need to strike while the iron is hot. It encourages us to move quickly to pursue the best opportunities available right now.


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