Astro-Notes on June 29, 2013 – quick maneuvers

After the Moon’s ingress to Aries at 9:06 am EDT could we feel more animated, impulsive and impatient. A semi-square between Venus in Leo and Pallas in Gemini urges us to maneuver quickly, cleverly and nimbly in order to ‘create’ or bring about our own happiness, contentment and personal enjoyment. I, per example, jumped out of my bed and got running once I realized that my alarm hadn’t sound off for whatever reason (most likely due to Mercury retrograde). Thankfully, I still had enough time to get ready for work.

Tarot card of the day is “The Devil”, a card that comes with the message “I can untie the binds and set myself free”. We may in some way feel controlled by our environment or by our attitude and may therefore have a fear of taking our power back or of being responsible for ourselves and our situation. It’s a day when we’re overly concerned with material security and when therefore money and material wellbeing are very important to us. Temptations of all kinds will abound and there is a strong possibility that our ‘shadow’ will show if we choose to go down the low road and use our power in destructive, unproductive ways.


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