Astro-Notes on July 9, 2013 – impasse

The Sun in Cancer cast a quincunx to retrograde Juno in Aquarius and then met up with retrograde Mercury for their inferior conjunction earlier this morning. Consequently, after we reviewed certain relationship dynamics in regard to our needs we adjusted our role within them accordingly and brought forth a new quality of will and purpose inspired by our dependence on others and the need for support and personal protection. Therefore, since the Moon’s ingress to Leo at 6:48 am EDT have we been more self-expressive in this regard and also concerned with our personal experiences. This is re-emphasized in the perfection of the Pallas-Eris sextile, which has been providing us with opportunities to devise strategies, come up with different ways of dealing with situations, where we want to get the upper hand, and use the means and connections available for our survival and the sake of our self-interests, while focusing on succeeding one way or another. Venus in Leo’s square to the nodal axis shows a turning point in our evaluation that challenges us to overcome our pride or ego and break with unproductive patterns we’ve been repeating and which haven’t been in our best interest so far. Instead, it is time that we concentrate on our empowerment and seek to fulfill our true needs and desires.

Tarot card of the day is the “2 of Swords”, representing a delicate balance. We may feel as though we have reached an impasse or even a stalemate. What is needed is a truce so that the problems we’re dealing with can be resolved using logic and the intellect, especially if we don’t know how to proceed. It’s a card of choice that could require from us to make a split decision. There is a sense of being caught between a rock and a hard place, which could make decision-making difficult or, on the other hand, could have us torn by indecision or opposing choices. Awareness of the consequences of our decisions is therefore imperative. However, resolutions will be found and a new beginning is arising out of this.

In the news: Abducted Ohio women break public silence, thankful for encouragement and support – Enough about the royal baby! – Toronto slapped by storm-35000 still without power

What myself concerns – I was finally able to purchase the home phone I wanted as it got restocked yesterday afternoon, charged it all night and tried to hook it up here – to no avail – it still doesn’t work. So, I’ll have to call the phone company and proceed from there.

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