Astro-Notes on July 29, 2013 – the Star of David and the actualization of our life’s potential

Since the Moon made ingress to Taurus at 00:42 am EDT early this morning could we have been feeling more complacent and mellow, while craving comfort, relaxation and contentment. A trine from Pallas in Cancer to retrograde Neptune in Pisces signifies success with strategies or politics we’ve used to fulfill our vision, which might seem almost miraculous in the way how easy everything is coming together based on the support we’re receiving. Even though it’s grey, wet, cold and overcast here, I started my morning with a gentle sound meditation I was invited to on Facebook. This truly saved me from getting overwhelmed by negative feelings, while allowing me to attune myself to this higher vibration. Thank you, David Ison, for letting me partake of your ‘bridging of heaven and earth’.

As the waning Taurus Moon approaches a square to the Leo Sun to mark the Third Quarter Moon phase of the Cancer lunation cycle that will reach perfection at 1:43 pm EDT, the accompanying crisis in consciousness challenges us to be persistent in the pursuit of happiness and to validate our needs in order to be able to cultivate quality in our life. The ‘life urge to actualize one’s birth potential’ (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Cancer New Moon) is tested at this juncture by repetitive patterns, which need to be overcome through the creative expression of our will together with an insistence on Self-realization, which push us into making things happen.

Tarot card of the day is the “Knight of Wands”, suggesting that an important matter is likely to enter our life and demand our attention. Therefore, we have to be ready to react quickly and to go with the flow. Our present situation will soon change and we have to make important decisions. Consequently, we’re charging forth with ideas and visions to make things happen, while tackling any challenge that stands in our way. It is important that we show ambition, are high-spirited, strong-willed and determined and take calculated risks.

Here are 2 links I recommend on the “Star of David” that is ‘shining over our heads’:



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