Astro-Notes on August 1, 2013 – Lammas

Much to my disbelief and “dismay”, the mid-summer festival is already upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s

somewhat devastating to see the first plants wilting. Darn, where did all this time go? Anyway, here’s my introduction I wrote last year: Lammas is a cross-quarter day in the wheel of the year that marks the middle of summer and beginning of the harvest season. It is considered a time of thanksgiving and is the first of the three Pagan harvest festivals, also known as Lughnasadh, Lammastide, and First Harvest Festival. The Sun’s strength begins to wane and the plants of spring start to wither and drop their fruits or seeds for our use as well as to ensure future crops. At this time, we become conscious of the sacrifice the Sun God is preparing to make. We experience a sense of abundance. Simultaneously, we begin to feel an urgency to prepare for the death of winter. First grains and fruits of the Earth are cut and stored for the dark winter months. Canning of fruits and vegetables goes into full swing, jams and jellies are getting made and cabinets are stocked with herbs before the onset of autumn. Lammas also represents the culmination of the marriage between the Goddess and the God that took place on Beltane. The God now becomes the product of that blessed union – the bountiful fruits and grains – and must be sacrificed. He is the personification of the crops that must be harvested for the survival of the people. Underneath the symbolism of sacrifice is the theme of rebirth. The Corn God must die, and He has to do so in order to return. Without the sacrifice, the cycle stops. Although His strength is waning, His essence is still palpable as His energies begin to merge with the harvested crops. It is at this time that the Sun King has reached the autumn of His years, and His rival (or dark self) has just reached puberty. The Sun God has reigned supreme over the ripening grain during the hot summer months. His dedication, perseverance, and action in tending the seeds sown in spring bring a ripe and fruitful bounty. ‘Lammas’ was the medieval Christian name for the holiday that means ‘loaf-mass’. Loaves of bread were baked from the first grain harvest and laid on the church altars as offerings. It was a day representative of ‘first fruits’ and early harvest.

Aspect-wise, Venus in Virgo casts a semi-sextile to Vesta in Leo before she engages in a Yod configuration with retrograde Juno in Aquarius and retrograde Uranus in Aries, which are engaged in a sextile. Mars in Cancer, coming out of his square to Uranus Rx in Aries, is extending this configuration with a quincunx to Juno Rx in Aquarius and approaching a sextile to Venus in Virgo and at the same time is he forming a Grand Trine in water with the NN in Scorpio and retrograde Chiron in Pisces. The Sun in Leo adds another quincunx – this one is tying in retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. Thus, we’re starting this month with a major adjustment concerning our value system and thus our wants, likes, preferences and priorities, based on changed or changing relationship situations and our role within them. As a consequence of these altered circumstances together with individual choices we made in regard to the things we hold sacred, we have to let go off values that don’t serve us anymore and dynamics, which don’t work out in order to be able to advance our own cause and reform conditions we’ve been struggling with for a long time. Now that our approach is met with support, it seems as though things are coming together and we can close this chapter – there is a silver lining shaping on the horizon. We just have to access our inner strength and draw from our resourcefulness to create the life we want.

Tarot card of the day is the “10 of Wands”, suggesting that we’ve reached the end of a cycle after a period of struggle, where we now have to deal with the consequences of our achievement. This completion comes with great responsibilities and commitments though in order to ensure our ongoing success. Thus, we could be overextending ourselves as we carry our ambitious burdens by trying to do too much or because we have taken on too much. Therefore, it’s time to rebalance, to gather up our lessons and to recollect ourselves for the next phase life has to offer. As we press onwards, we need to pace ourselves, manage efficiently and prioritize or we could be ending up fighting uphill.

In the news: Edward Snowden granted asylum in Russia

7 thoughts on “Astro-Notes on August 1, 2013 – Lammas

  1. So Lammas is today? Or all week ’til the 7th? Or the 7th? I’m sorry, I’m confused.—– Seems to me that as one period of struggle ends, the next period is merely an intensification of the same struggle(s). Is that a wrong interpretation?

  2. Yes, it’s Lammas time and these cross-quarter days are usually celebrated on either this specific date or later, depending on the traditions in the countries where they are being held.
    Well, we meet challenges every day and what is implied with a 10 card at the beginning of the month is a time of transition, which is never easy as it comes with endings and beginnings. So, yes, one could say as we close one chapter or as one issue has been resolved the next one has to be tackled. A good example is the case of Edward Snowden. Yes, he got asylum granted in Russia, but it’s only for one year for now and it doesn’t mean that his new life in this country will be without struggles. – I hope that helps. We’re living through intense times. Per example, Jupiter is moving into the Uranus-Pluto square, which will exaggerate and expand many issues/struggles.

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