Astro-Notes on August 19, 2013 – creating contentment

Right at the beginning of the day at 00:06 am EDT did the Moon make ingress to Aquarius, stirring up our inner life and changing the pace of events. As a consequence, we might feel a bit edgy and rebellious. The Sun in Leo engages in a couple of stressful octile aspects – a semi-square to Jupiter in Cancer and a sesqui-quadrate to retrograde Uranus in Aries, urging us to foster our personal growth and support opportunities for our creative unfolding and self-realization. It is critical that we advance our cause and instigate progress on all fronts to be able to reinvent ourselves. With Venus in Libra involved in a quincunx aspect to retrograde Neptune in Pisces we have to adjust our material and relationship arrangements accordingly so that we can meet expectations and longings we’ve reviewed or revisited.

Tarot card of the day is the “9 of Pentacles”, speaking of completion of events and that the outcome made it worth our while. Consequently, we feel pleased with what we achieved. Self-sufficiency and self-reliance are indicated. We feel secure and content or settled and set up in our life. Continuing success will come through foresight and good planning as we focus on our very specific aims.


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