Astro-Notes on September 9 and 10, 2013

So, meanwhile Mercury made ingress to Libra, where he will be traversing until

September 29, and as a consequence, “we started talking”, because this initiated a period when we focus on relationships and relating and the terms they are based on. Communication is a lot smoother and conciliatory now with room for fairness, civility, negotiation, proposals and cooperation. Another ingress was made by Vesta early this morning. She will be transiting the sign Virgo until November 15, which corresponds to a phase when we commit us to problem-solving, invest our energy more efficiently and dedicate us to work and service. Mars in Leo moved from his square to Saturn in Scorpio into a square with the nodal axis, which shows that the intensified frustration – even anger, thwarted confidence and ‘ego defeat’ – we experienced as the result of our ‘creative block’, unsuccessful attempts toward control of our circumstances and/or resisted initiatives and intentions have brought us to a turning point destiny- and action-wise – personally, I hit the beach for a last time this summer as the hot temperatures returned for a couple of days (tomorrow will see thunderstorms with the effect to cool down the air) for us here. No more indulgences of that kind in the near future. I have to prepare for my move and already stocked up on cardboard boxes. Tarot card-wise, we progressed from the 5 of Swords to the Queen of Swords and thus from mixed feelings, discord and conflict to mental clarity, impartiality and detachment.


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