Astro-Notes on September 11, 2013 – getting straight to the point

Today, a few more energy shifts happened, beginning with Venus’ into Scorpio at 2:15 am EDT, where she will be traversing until October 7. During this period will we seek to transform our values and also to renew and regenerate our life style, assets, relationships and earning potential. Moreover, we could undergo intensified or deepened sense experiences and involvement with the material world. Since the Moon’s ingress to Sagittarius that followed on the heels of Venus’ have we been feeling more enterprising, tolerant and optimistic, while looking to broaden our horizons or at least for where the ‘grass is greener’. Pallas entered Leo at 9:49 am EDT and will transit this fixed fire sign until November 10. Thus, politics and strategies are more self-centered or centralized, dramatic or ‘showy’, demonstrative and self-expressive. They are carried out with flair, grandeur and confidence. Quincunx aspects between Mars in Leo and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Libra and retrograde Neptune in Pisces suggest adjustments in attitude, tone and approach in order to be able to manage circumstances and meet expectations. Vesta in Virgo, who receives a sextile from Venus in Scorpio, is engaged in a semi-square to Jupiter in Cancer, while the Sun in Virgo casts a sesqui-quadrate to retrograde Juno in Aquarius, with the latter also being aspected by Mercury with a trine. Consequently, we had to make up our mind and get our stuff together to take care of objectives and plan ahead in relationship situations, where we need to be practical and effective. I took more cardboard boxes with me and called up places in Stratford to find out about the terms of their rentals and to set up showings.

Tarot card of the day is the “Queen of Swords” (again), suggesting that we’re finding mental clarity, apply logic and objectivity to a situation and work on problem-solving and detachment from emotions in order to be able to judge and discern impartially. We’re cutting to the chase and get straight to the point. The situation demands that we come into our own by finding independence and autonomy and having the courage of our convictions.


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