Astro-Notes on October 20, 2013 – relaxing and replenishing

With the Moon in sensual Taurus all day, we are a bit ‘touchy’ and also attached to whatever makes us happy, feel secure and worthy and satisfies our cravings. At the time of the Moon’s opposition to Mercury in Scorpio on which she follows up with a trine to Vesta in Virgo (early afternoon around 2 pm EDT) will I be on the road, driving towards Hyde Park in London to be able to find my way tomorrow morning in the dark without any unnecessary complications and also to figure out how long this is going to take me. When she will be casting a sextile to Jupiter in Cancer at 5:01 pm EDT should I be on my way back home (personally, transiting Venus in Sagittarius will square my natal Uranus-Chiron opposition and transiting Jupiter in Cancer will engage in a sextile to my natal Jupiter in Taurus and a square to the Solar Return Venus in Libra). Her square to Pallas in Leo at 6:41 pm EDT challenges strategies and personal politics.

Tarot card of the day is the “Queen of Pentacles”, suggesting that we strive to create a warm, secure and nurturing environment, where we find a use for everything. We need to focus on doing the same for ourselves and invest in a calm and balanced life. Thus, we need to be resourceful and practical when dealing with others and work on solutions for our present circumstances. It’s a day to learn to love and accept ourselves, to take care of ourselves and to replenish inwardly. This card also refers to the country side and business success for women.


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