Astro-Notes on October 22, 2013 – choices

With the Moon in Gemini all day we’re flexible and adaptable, especially in the early morning hours when she moves into the Pluto-Chiron-Uranus configuration and we have to adjust to yet another new trend or change in our circumstances, forcing us to be aware of everything this entails, while keeping us on our feet and spinning our wheels. Thus, we have to make smart choices, knowing what we can anticipate as the outcome of our decisions and rationalizing accordingly. Her quincunx to Saturn in Scorpio around noon requires that we take things more seriously, show some patience and discipline and focus on our structure, whereas her sesqui-quadrate to the Sun in Libra in the late afternoon could cause us some stress in regard to last-minute arrangements. Therefore, her opposition to Venus in Sagittarius at 8:34 pm EDT might raise a range of emotions we need to address.

Tarot card of the day is the “2 of Pentacles”, advising us to strike a balance. This card comes with the message of unification as well as of recognizing choices and alternatives. It is important to think before we act, to be clear on our priorities and also on where we want to invest our time and energy. We need to maintain the harmony, be patient and cope with the demands in order to get on top of daily affairs. However, we could be feeling in high spirits and do something we enjoy.


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