Astro-Notes on December 9, 2013 – First quarter Moon

This is the exact moment of my lunar return and the chart has Gemini rising – it’s ruler Mercury is in Sagittarius in the 6th house of routines, service and obligations. Thus, I’m heeding a call to fulfill my writing ‘duties’. Since we are also in the First Quarter phase of the current lunation cycle, the accompanying crisis in action required a decision from me re the intentions I had seeded at the onset of this particular cycle. At that time, I posted an entry here after I had disappeared from the scene for the duration of 4 weeks, which was the ‘result’ of having an eclipse in my 3rd house of communication, connections, mobility and locality and Mercury retrograding through this area of the chart at the same time. Although my move to Stratford happened on November 2, I had to disconnect my phone and internet a couple of days prior to that, because the telecom company I used in Clinton doesn’t provide its services in the area I relocated to and they wanted their modem back. During these last days in October I had already worked in and commuted to Stratford, where I had informed myself about potential internet providers amongst which I chose Wightman Telecom. I called them up before my move and also had made sure they got the deposit they requested. Yet, they were only able to set up an appointment for installation on November 12, which seemed like an awful long time to me – ha! think again – Merc is retrograde and you are dealing with a “new” provider – so, they missed out on passing on important information to me and therefore, the appointment was canceled and we rescheduled for the next week after I had complained about this to their customer service manager. Now with Jupiter also retrograde (Merc still in his echo/shadow phase), they messed that up again and consequently, it took another week to set up the installation. As a means of compensation for my troubles, I got the first month phone and internet for free. Anyway, after all this time a lot of mail and other unfinished business had accumulated I had to take care of. However, on the day of the Sagittarius New Moon I composed a blog post, because my girlfriend came late for her visit, which gave me some time to start out on it. Today then, with the Pisces Moon in first quarter square aspect to the Sagittarius Sun, I reconnected with another girlfriend of mine on Skype as I was becoming aware that the question for me is “which connections are more important” and I made my decision accordingly. Her name appeared on my computer screen and knew that I had to call her up, thereby ‘relying upon my organismic responses’ (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Sagittarius New Moon). I missed her so much. She’s been my best friend since we first met at the former Online College of Astrology. It was also so much fun to talk to her little boy again, who is so adorable. He still sang me a birthday song, even though this day has long passed. Conclusively, the conflicts I have been experiencing regarding my ‘relationship responsibilities’ for an extended period of time are getting resolved finally as I let go of a daily commitment I cannot fulfill anymore and that has lost its purpose in my life – at least for now – after this life change (relocation, ‘new job’, new people, new environment, new schedule) I just went through. However, with Mercury in Sagittarius in sesqui-quadrate aspect to retrograde Eris in Aries and semi-sextile the North Node in Scorpio (quincunx South Node in Taurus) and the Sun in Sagittarius engaged in another semi-sextile aspect to Saturn in Scorpio, this is not the end of it all – just the ending of a routine or regular pattern or habit of connecting and communicating (retrograde Jupiter in Cancer is trine Saturn in Scorpio – a chapter of the past has been closed). I still consider this creative outlet or channel as a means to express myself and I will explore and review the possibilities and options in this context. So, please stay tuned or subscribe.

Tarot card of the day is the “The High Priestess”, suggesting that we’re being aware of a larger reality and are seeing the potential or understanding the possibilities as we’re opening us to what could be. We’re looking beyond the obvious and being receptive to all kinds of subtle and hidden influences, which include our inner voice we need to listen to and trust. Also, we need to look for areas of our life, which are out of balance and therefore require greater foresight and wisdom. Our life is changing. Things that once seemed certain can no longer be taken for granted.


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