Astro-Notes on January 19, 2014 – life’s twists and turns

The background aspects are Neptune in Pisces’s trine to the North Node in Scorpio (sextile South Node in Taurus) and Saturn in Scorpio’s quincunx to Eris in Aries, marking this as a good time to recuperate and replenish and at the same token allowing us to shift our attention to our self-interests and focus on future prospects we need to get a firm grasp on. Therefore, if we take advantage of this ‘opening’ we can actually build on our past vision. With Mercury in Aquarius at the apex of a Finger of God with retrograde Pallas in Virgo and retrograde Jupiter in Cancer we have to make the right choices though and be smart in regard to how we spend our time and which of the options we have serve our purposes or fit into our plans in this context. I, per example, reconnected with my girlfriend on Skype, even though that was not on my agenda, but since I hadn’t made any plans to socialize anyway, it was just nice that this opportunity popped up, because it’s always so good to talk to her and to have this special exchange that only exists between true friends. Late tonight at 10:51 pm EST will the Sun make ingress to Aquarius, which correlates to a period when we seek to become more individualistic as well as involved in our social purpose and/or with our social circle and are also more inclined to be liberal, altruistic and rebellious or unconventional, while following trends and making personal changes that lead to progress. In fact, we might even reinvent ourselves.

Tarot card of the day is the “4 of Cups”, suggesting that we’re consumed with our emotions and thus with life’s twists and turns. Consequently, we could be ignoring the outer world due to being intensely focused on these personal matters. The more important is it to re-evaluate our situation and to look deep within to find the truth or path we’re searching. It is essential that we examine our feelings and thoughts to gain clarity. An offer has been presented to us and we are asked to consider all options carefully before making a decision. Moreover, we’re reminded that we cannot take everything for granted and need to count our blessings. We are the only limiting factor to our endless gain. Awareness of the natural flow of abundance and enhancement is critical.


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