Astro-Notes on January 21, 2014 – balancing commitments

We start the day with Mercury in Aquarius in semi-sextile aspect to

retrograde Venus in Capricorn, suggesting that a change in our agenda or plans has to be made to complement priorities we need to review. Per example, at work we’ll be having a department managers’ meeting first thing in the morning to do exactly that, which is also nicely reflected in the Moon’s transition from Mercury-ruled Virgo to Venus-ruled Libra at 7:43 am EST that shifts the mood from ‘functional’ to social. The tense octile aspects between retrograde Pallas in Virgo and Ceres in Libra (semi-square) and between Vesta in Libra and Juno in Pisces (sesqui-quadrate) imply that this is a critical day to catch up with relationship commitments that serve our improvement, while skipping or ‘escaping’ from others. As a result, not all of our tasks can be fulfilled or not all expectations can be met. In my case that means that we will not only finally receive more skill training in this session that has been postponed time and again, a few of us will also have to attend the health-and-safety meeting (Pallas Rx in Virgo semi-square Ceres in Libra) afterwards and therefore, certain ‘daily rituals’ will have to wait until later.

Tarot card of the day is the “Page of Cups”, representing some sort of beginning or renewal, which could herald a positive message we respond to in an emotional manner. Our intuition is sharp today and creative energy is trying to burst forth into our consciousness. Therefore, we need to be open to receive, express our emotions and let our heart lead the way. This card encourages us to take a fresh perspective on a difficult issue and to allow our creative Self to come to the fore so that a sense of freedom may reappear in our life.


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