Astro-Notes on January 22, 2014 – climbing out of a rut

As the Sun in Aquarius squares the nodal axis (NN in

Scorpio/SN in Taurus), we are standing at a turning point on our destined path that challenges us to overcome unproductive past patterns that keep us stuck and repeating the same cycles over and over again. From now on, we have to proceed in a way that will result in more control over our affairs in the future as well as personal empowerment and this will be a liberating experience for the most part, though it might come at a certain cost (especially emotionally), inspiring us to reform our sense of Self. Moreover, Mercury enters the shadow zone of his impending retrograde cycle today and therefore, the themes and issues we’re dealing with at this time might come up for review and change or upgrade during that period.

Tarot card of the day is “The Tower”, signifying inevitable change or at least different conditions as our routines are getting shaken up. If handled well it can bring liberation and freedom. There might be shock due to the suddenness of the event as well as upheaval, but if we’ve been stuck in a rut this will help us to climb out of it. Things are transforming and evolving beyond our control. An era might end – one way or another.


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