Astro-Notes on January 28, 2014 – skillful maneuvering

Right at the beginning of the new day, at 00:04 am EST, did the Moon make

ingress to Capricorn, curbing our enthusiasm and setting us in a more somber mood. Instinctively we know it’s time to get down to business, especially after the revelations yesterday that caused us to review the options and possibilities we have exhausted so far in our exchanges with others – courtesy of Juno in Pisces’ trine to retrograde Jupiter in Cancer. Although we might not understand everything yet or know what to do next, the semi-squares between Vesta in Libra and retrograde Pallas in Virgo and between Mercury in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn press us into improving our strategies and updating or upgrading the ways we communicate and conduct our business or deal with our affairs so that our maneuvers or tactics will be more effective from now on.

Tarot card of the day is the “5 of Swords”, suggesting that we’re dealing with mixed feelings about life in general and experiencing conflict or discord – inner as well as outer. The more important is it to pick our battles wisely and think before we act. There are boundaries and limitations in life situations we must accept, even though they could make us feel powerless. In this regard, we must overcome ourselves and focus on our needs in order to regain our composure. On the other hand, this card can indicate victory or achievement, which has been well-deserved and long-awaited, but only if we don’t give in to defeat.


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