Astro-Notes on February 4, 2014 – bringing things to conclusion

With Mars in Libra engaged in a tense semi-square aspect to

retrograde Pallas in Virgo it is critical to remain focused on the details, and if necessary, keep fixing, counting and correcting until we get it right, to make sure that everything functions and works smoothly. Meanwhile, the Jupiter (retrograde in Cancer) – Chiron (in Pisces) trine has been helping us with our quest and depending on which end we were seeking, and thus which image we have been cultivating (victim, perpetrator, martyr or redeemer), this has resulted in growth, from which healing may ensue, or in more wounding or suffering. Juno in Pisces’ sesqui-quadrate to the North Node in Scorpio (semi-square South Node in Taurus) urges us to get our ‘stuff’ together – it doesn’t have to be perfect or done all at once – just covering as much ‘ground’ as we can under the circumstances so that we can bring things to their conclusion eventually.

Tarot card of the day is “Death”, marking an ending and the completion of a chapter or the concluding of unfinished business. We have a chance to put the past behind as we’re going through that which cannot be avoided, while accepting the inevitable and riding our fate.


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