Astro-Notes on February 10, 2014 – collaboration

The Sun in Aquarius moved into a sextile to Eris in Aries yesterday afternoon, offering us opportunities to promote our self-interests in the social sphere and to join the social scene. I first met up with my new social circle here at the local community food center, where I begun to see the potential for networking in the near future as our individual visions are getting woven together in this special place and locality to reform our society for the betterment of humankind in true Aquarian fashion. All those vendors with their ‘green’ products provided such an excellent example for this aspect that added an edge of competitiveness to the person’s process of or attempt at individualization. Later on, in the afternoon, did my daughter come for a visit. So, it was a wonderful day for me. I had drawn the 6 of Wands as Tarot card of the day, a card that speaks of things changing in a positive way as well as of possibilities for acclaim and acknowledgment. However, there have also been shocking news of the killing and dismembering of a giraffe in a Copenhagen zoo in front of children (for scientific purposes as they claim), which has outraged the world and begs once again for the question how truly civilized we as a species are. Here again, executioners failed to live up to humane values (Aquarius), even though there were petitions circling around to save this poor creature and an offer for adaptation (sextile). It’s heart-breaking.
Early in the morning today, at 1:32 am EST, did the Moon make ingress to Cancer, setting us in the mood for nurturance, warmth and bonding. The Aquarius Sun is on his way to square Saturn in Scorpio, challenging us to overcome whatever stands in our way (this includes our shadow and darker side) to liberate ourselves and advance our personal and/or collective causes. As Ceres is about to conjunct the North Node in Scorpio (opposite South Node in Taurus), we surrender to cyclical renewal – and seek to evolve from our dark nature, especially what our maternal principle concerns, while supporting our future prospects and shared interests. I, per example, was finally able to let some fresh air into my living quarters and will team up with a friend later to prepare my next workshop.

Tarot card of the day is the “3 of Pentacles”, a card that refers to encouragement due to cooperation and collaboration. Teamwork and planning are the essential ingredients toward the achievement of our goals. We’re taking the next step toward becoming established. Improvement of our situation and success are possible if we apply the necessary effort and show persistence.

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