Astro-Notes on February 13, 2014 – seizing the opportunity

The Sun in Aquarius’s semi-square to his dispositor Uranus in Aries urges us to change our game and instigate progress. We can no longer drag our feet, but have to push ahead with our causes or even stir the pot in the name of reform and also for our own sake. Retrograde Mercury in Aquarius’s last-degree trine to Vesta in Libra shows did we were finally able to reach an agreement after matters have been reviewed so that we might get on the same page in the future. At work, we had our weekly department managers’ meeting, voicing some of our concerns and problems with the effect of having another meeting with the store manager tomorrow that will allow each of us to address a few points of personal concern and frustration. One of my co-workers called our ‘plot’ a “mutiny”, which lifted the spirit and caused much laughter.

Tarot card of the day is the “7 of Wands”, suggesting that we’re coming out on top of a situation as things are going well and projects move right along. Thus, we seize the opportunity, are firm and act resolutely as we’re going after what we want. We stand our ground and show determination, even in the face of adversity. Our inner strength and tenacity give us the ability to meet all challenges head-on.


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