Astro-Notes on March 9, 2014 – Pisces New Moon recap

There’s that saying that if March comes in like a lion, it’ll go out like a lamb. For me personally, March certainly came in ‘roaring’ like a lion. However, this only lasted for one day, the echo of the ‘onslaught’ subsided rather quickly. With both – Mars and Vesta – stationary retrograde in Libra on March 1, the fire energy was strongly concentrated, tipping the scales violently or daringly, especially with Vesta in the very last degree and minute in a sign that seeks to maintain the proper equilibrium. Accordingly, the Pisces New Moon that transpired on that day at 2:59 am EST in the early morning hours highlighted the Sabian Symbol: “Men traveling a narrow path, seeking illumination. Keynote: The capacity inherent in every individual to seek at whatever cost entrance to a transcendent realm of reality – WALK ON.”
(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 274-275)
“A narrow path” indeed and “At whatever cost” was an important clue in this scenario. As the New Moon formed a semi-sextile with Uranus in Aries and Juno in Pisces another one with the South Node in Aries (disposited by stationary Mars), the ‘disregard’ for a balanced approach becomes blatantly obvious, in particular so, if we chose (as I did) to stray from our path or abandon ‘sure footing’ for the sake of progress and excitement, while following the inspiration of the moment (seeking entrance or escape to a transcendent realm of reality). By adding Saturn’s station Rx in Scorpio to that, another saying comes to mind: “Old habits die hard”.
Struck by the flu again, I haven’t been feeling well the days leading up to the New Moon and was actually pretty happy that we hadn’t set up a workshop for that occasion, because I was just not myself during those days and couldn’t focus on anything, barely making it through my shifts. On the day of the New Moon though, the recovery process had begun and instead of sleeping in I got up early, cleaned up my apartment and got ready for a consultation I had set up for the late morning. My daughter arrived right after the consult and off we went to make the most of the day, which was quite exhausting on a busy Saturday afternoon with long lines everywhere and I was already running low on energy after the long session, where I did most of the talking (which means my ability to reason was considerably effected). Not to mention that I haven’t had lunch. Although I knew it wasn’t the best time to upgrade my phone, I did it anyway, throwing all caution to the wind and letting my daughter do the selection and the talking (basically, standing back and handing everything over to her) since I’m still not technically savvy enough to understand this little android (of course, I had to go back to the store to change my number, for which it was too late, because I had cut off my landline prior to that and it was with a different company and now the number is not available for a year and the sales guy misinformed me about this and then I had to call them on top of that, while they kept me waiting on the phone for 15 minutes and my online account password still needs to be reset every single time I sign in and I also needed to purchase a protective cover for front and back of the device I couldn’t get at my Wal-Mart, because we don’t have the right ones yet – and it goes on and on….). Anyway, it was time to wrap up the day and have a bite to eat and since we were starving, we just grabbed some pizza and a few bottles of wine and headed home. Well aware that I should NOT have any of this (t Pluto is conjunct my natal Ceres and semi-square na Saturn in house 6 of health and t Chiron is sextile natal Ceres), we indulged in it anyway and I had to pay the price the next day, when an upset Venus in Capricorn squared off with retro Mars in Libra, who also received a tense sesqui-quadrate from the self-undoing Piscean Sun, while Saturn just pulled all the brakes. As a consequence, I experienced so much discomfort that I felt as though all life or energy had just been sucked out of me and had to rest for most of the day. This is the story of how I lost an entire day as I got carried away in a series of weak moments and bad decisions. Needless to say, I had my regrets after all the fun and the damage done and haven’t been able to catch up since, because those energy shifts brought throwbacks I had to deal with first. After Juno’s ingress to Aries on March 3 I received a mail from the company who owns the building I live in, asking me to give them some feedback on meeting their part of the contract/lease (Mars Rx in Libra is dispositor of Juno in Aries) with the result that they sent the maintenance guy to paint my closet doors the next day and thus forcing me to take my stuff out of the closets in that short window of time and then put it back in once the job was done. Meanwhile, I was working on a flyer for my manifestation workshop on March 20 and also trying to prepare my income tax filing for which I enlisted the help of my new friend and this required going back and forth over the issue and agreeing on a time we could actually quickly sit together. Not to mention that I missed my bus twice after work, because I had to stay longer. And before I knew it, Venus made ingress to Aquarius, while Pallas slipped back into Leo and Jupiter stationed direct in Cancer and then the First Quarter Moon was here. At this junction, the ‘crisis in action’ could have left us disillusioned and victimized, depending on our perception and interpretation of messages, signs or information that made it just really tough to “Walk On” (keyword of the Sabian Symbol for the Pisces New Moon). We might have had a little pity party on our behalf after certain revelations brought us to a point of resignation and thus, we could have missed out on opportunities coming our way now. All it required was to realize that we have to go with the flow and change our evaluation or assessment of certain situations.
Today, with Mercury in Aquarius in sextile aspect to Eris in Aries and Venus in Aquarius in sextile aspect to Juno in Aries, I submitted my income tax filing online, while enjoying the coffee and comfort of the local coffee culture in the company of my friend and her daughter and the good news is that I can expect a return; although small, it’s better than having to pay them back. We also stopped at the local community food centre, but only stayed shortly, and after that at the antique warehouse. However, they were not able to give me an estimate on the pieces I want to sell, but at least now I know where I have to go to find this out.
Tarot card of the day is the “7 of Wands”, suggesting that we’re coming out on top of a situation as things are going well and projects move right along. Thus, we seize the opportunity, are firm and act resolutely as we’re going after what we want. We stand our ground and show determination, even in the face of adversity. Our inner strength and tenacity give us the ability to meet all challenges head-on. – So, here I am, back finally. 🙂


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