Astro-Notes on April 2, 2014 – material rewards

Venus in Aquarius forms a trine to retrograde Vesta in Librain addition to a sesqui-quadrate to Jupiter in Cancer, while retrograde Mars in Libra engages in another sesqui-quadrate to Neptune in Pisces and Mercury in Pisces in a quincunx to retrograde Mars in Libra, a semi-sextile to Eris in Aries and a trine to retrograde Saturn in Scorpio. This shows that after a ‘change of heart’ we recommitted to our cause to be able to support our mission and to help developments along. Although we may have failed to meet certain expectations and lacked or are still lacking the necessary drive due to low energy levels, we shift our attention to these reviewed intentions and focus on the promotion of our self-interests, no matter how tired and disillusioned we may feel. Knowing that we have to fulfill our obligations and responsibilities if we ever want to succeed, we draw from our reserves and renew our sense of structure, which ultimately results in a better attitude. ‘Coinciding’ with these aspect patterns is the Sun-Uranus conjunction in Aries, starting a new sub-cycle during which we have a chance to reinvent ourselves and to bring forth a different side of our nature or personality, thereby advancing our individuality and distinguishing ourselves with new inspiration and a fresh perspective on life.

Tarot card of the day is the “9 of Pentacles”, suggesting that we can complete any work necessary, because we’ve reached a point where we’re feeling self-sufficient, resourceful and capable and have identified the roots of our passion. We have worked hard and acted on our own accord to attain success and material comfort. With inexhaustible focus are we targeting our specific aims and invest our energy in the honing of our skills. Moreover, we appreciate what is now available to us, knowing that the worst is over. Therefore, it is important that we stick to our program and exercise self-discipline until we have achieved that level of sophistication we’re striving for.

In the news: Powerful earthquake strikes off Chile, forces evacuation along country’s Pacific coast – – (when the Sun is conjunct Uranus in Aries, the Earth is opposite the latter – Uranian energies are stirring the pot and shaking us up from within and without, especially when colored in forceful, primal Aries energy – not to mention that the Sun by moving into this conjunction activated the cardinal t-square between Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer)


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