Astro-Notes for the weekend of April 5-6, 2014 – choices and adjustments

Yesterday, the Sun in Aries was involved in a semi-sextile to

Chiron in Pisces and Mercury in Pisces in a quincunx to retrograde Ceres in Libra. Consequently, we had to adjust our purpose and plans or schedule to bridge personal problems and mend wounds so that we were able to help out others and rebalance relationship situations. Venus made ingress to Pisces at 4:30 pm EDT, where she will be traversing until May 3 and which initiated a period during which we feel more sympathetic, sensitive and receptive. Therefore, our values are more formidable, while we’re more inclined to idealize the emotional, financial, material and relational aspects of our life, but at the same time could also be more confused and confounded about them. Since the Moon’s ingress to Cancer at 5:39 pm EDT could we have felt safer and better supported, while focusing on nurturance, closeness, warmth and protection.

Tarot card of the day was the 6 of Pentacles”, suggesting that a balance of mind and spirit was needed to be able to decide which the best course of action would be in a difficult situation. Renewal was possible and the equilibrium could have been restored due to the kindness and support of others. We could have tapped the flow of abundance into our lives by placing ourselves purposefully in positions that stimulated a response from our environment. However, the element of balance was emphasized, especially what equality and fairness concerns. As we give so shall we receive and dispense charity in our own lives. This card speaks of the cyclical nature of life.

Today now Mercury in Pisces engages in a quincunx to the North Node in Libra (semi-sextile South Node in Aries), which is indicative of yet another adjustment that aligns us with our destined path and shifts our attention to our future prospects, especially in regard to harmony, accommodation and style or beautification. We are determined to pick up where we left off in the recent past.

Tarot card of the day is the 2 of Pentacles”, which calls for flexibility and indicates movement and change in the natural progress of a project or business. We might have to decide between 2 alternatives and travel beyond the conventional, seeking combination and unification. Some kind of balancing act is signified that requires from us to juggle our various duties, responsibilities and resources.


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