Astro-Notes on April 10 and 11, 2014 – tuning in to the higher love principle

Yesterday, a semi-sextile between Mercury in Aries and Venus

in Pisces showed that we had to quickly come up with an idea or plan and sacrifice for the greater good to be able to meet higher values or at least help each other out, even though we had other plans on our agenda. Since the Moon’s ingress to Virgo at 6:07 pm EDT could we’ve been feeling more ready to be of service and focus on practicality and efficiency.

Tarot card of the day was the 4 of Wands”, a card that deals with openings and gateways we can step through, giving us a chance to get out of an oppressive situation or escape from unhappy circumstances. This card has an uplifting, celebratory quality about it and brings people together. We’re moving from one stage to another.

Today now, the Sun meets Juno in conjunction in Aries, while both form a semi-square to Neptune in Pisces and a quincunx to retrograde Saturn in Scorpio and Mercury in Aries casts a semi-sextile to the former and a sesqui-quadrate to the latter. Thus, we are more determined to make things happen in our life by taking a more active role, especially in our exchanges and dealings with others, whereby it is important to be aware of certain expectations. This means we have to adjust to shared values and to matters of mutual interest instead of singling ourselves out and ‘going it alone’. As Venus joins Neptune in conjunction in Pisces, another new sub-cycle starts during which we have a chance to feel more attuned to the world around us as well as included and ‘in the flow’ and when relationships, values, attachments and the love principle in general are shapeable and bendable and subject to all kinds of influences.

Tarot card of the day is The Lovers”, indicating choices where moral values are questioned, especially in relationship situations. A decision must be made about which we feel divided. We may be struggling with temptations and need to remember that the most attractive option is not always the best one. Problems can be overcome via reconciliation, through harmony and cooperation.


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