Astro-Notes on April 14, 2014 – a new mindset

With Juno in Aries in opposition to retrograde Vesta in Libra, we have to confront others about the ‘rules of engagement’ and other agreements that may have been ‘violated’ once again. As Mercury in Aries activates the cardinal t-square with squares to Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn, while heading into a conjunction with Uranus in Aries, our state of mind is severely tested and we are challenged to overcome our habitual first reactions, which are based on our personal truth and perspective. At this point, they are rather instinctual, impulsive and subjective, because our buttons have been pushed. We are offended and think we cannot take anymore of this, finding ourselves cornered in by circumstances beyond our control and thus, incapable of managing this ‘mess’. However, as a new sub-cycle begins, we have a chance to change our attitude and perception together with the way we communicate and connect so that we can make progress on all fronts. Once we realize that resisting and fighting these conditions only exacerbates the situation, we can cease to struggle and try to work things out. In the midst of this scenario will Pluto station retrograde at 13:34 Capricorn at 7:47 pm EDT and then retracing his steps to 10:59 Capricorn, where he will turn direct on September 23. This corresponds to a period during which we review our personal power and influence the results of which can lead to profound inner restructuring and psychic regeneration.

Tarot card of the day is the 8 of Swords”, suggesting that we need to look at a difficult situation from a new angle and with a different perspective. Because our thinking is limited and we’re struggling to see a way out of our dilemma, it is imperative that we open our eyes to the options that lay in front of us. There are choices available, but in order to recognize them, we have to get into the right mindset first.


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