Astro-Notes on April 19, 2014 – acting in faith and devotion

It’s a busy day for Mercury in Aries, who engages in a quincunx toretrograde Saturn in Scorpio, a semi-square to Neptune in Pisces, an opposition to retrograde Vesta in Libra – who is involved in a sesqui-quadrate to Neptune – and then meets Eris in conjunction. Another quincunx is connecting Venus in Pisces to retrograde Mars in Libra. Thus, we have to adjust our schedule and priorities toward shared values and responsibilities to be able to deal with complex situations, meet relationship expectations and rather complicated commitments, which could feel like a race against time and could keep us struggling as we try to juggle several things at once, while we’re getting anxious under the pressure and there could be a sense of being overwhelmed by the demands on us that could cause us to react rather impatiently or even angry. However, with the beginning of this new sub-cycle we have a chance to focus on our self-interests and go forward with our personal plans or agenda. After the Moon’s ingress to Capricorn at 9:27 pm EDT could things finally calm down, but we could feel tired already with our enthusiasm curbed. At the very end of the day, at 11:55 pm EDT, will the Sun make ingress to Taurus, initiating a period of steady, productive self-expression when we seek to build up, secure and pursue a sustainable lifestyle or bestow our life with quality, tend to our wellbeing and toward sense gratification and validate our sense of Self together with the simpler pleasures life has to offer.

Tarot card of the day is the “5 of Pentacles”, which portrays a pilgrimage or a long journey taken as an act of faith or devotion. We can find the inner fortitude to persist in our quest and bolster ourselves, while resisting the temptation to succumb to ‘spiritual poverty’. It’s time to move on and to let us be guided by our soul’s ‘light’ or inner shining star. Moreover, in this context the card asks us to follow the high road during this process (detour) as we’re ‘recovering’ ground that has been transformed or is evolving. It’s a time of transitioning, after which we will feel renewed and empowered.


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