Astro-Notes on April 22, 2014 – Earth Day

Mercury in Aries first met Juno in conjunction

right at the beginning of the new day and then passed over the South Node (opposing the North Node in Libra). Thus, we’ve entered a new sub-cycle that combines our perception of things and situations together with the way we communicate and connect with our relationship principle or the manner in which we interact with others in the daring, initiating sign Aries and offers us a chance to start over so that we can conquer this new environment we need to experience and live in. It’s time to move on from the past and to assume a more pro-active role in our dealings with others. We now know that we can no longer vacillate in regard to our future prospects, but have to face our destiny head on. The waning Moon made ingress to Aquarius at 00:17 am EDT and then squared the Taurus Sun at 3:51 am EDT, marking the Third Quarter Moon phase of the Aries lunation cycle. This ‘crisis in consciousness’ tested our persistence together with our sense of security amidst chaos, unfamiliarity and collective pressure so that we can get used to life-style changes and new trends, especially what the process of individualization concerns. With retrograde Mars in Libra completing the cardinal Grand Cross, we have to review and reassess our intentions, motivation and actions in these trying times, where we cannot longer sit back and wait for things to happen or proceed in the same manner or pace we were accustomed to in the past. Instead, we have to turn corners in all areas of our life, break free from limiting circumstances, cultivate faith, restore our drive and respond to inspiration and opportunities with a new attitude. Personally, I said yes to a “Tarot Party” (3 of Cups) a new friend of mine has proposed to me, which is something I usually don’t agree to for a variety of reasons. Here we go. 🙂

Tarot card of the day is the 3 of Cups”, representing wonderful connections and the celebration of friendship and harmonious relationships in general. It heralds a sociable day when we spend quality time with friends and loved ones and experience camaraderie as well as a feeling of oneness. We could be bursting with energy and overflowing with high spirits. Things should be going well.


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