Astro-Notes on April 27, 2014 – sticking with the plan

The Sun in Taurus, following Mercury, repeats the sextile to Neptune in Pisces, thereby providing us with a chance to indulge in our imagination or in things we fancy, especially if we realize that our happiness doesn’t depend on a certain setup, plan or program, we may have longed for or deemed as ideal, but that it is truly up to us to create that sense of fulfillment or contentment for ourselves if we just take advantage of the situation and make the best of it. With Mercury in Taurus engaged in a semi-square to Venus in Pisces, it is critical to be aware of our values and expectations in this regard as we pursue our plan or ideas. It brought a smile to my face that “The Emperor” turned up again on a day when I’m set on venturing out to explore and enjoy my new surroundings. In a sense, it feels as though I would ‘inspect’ or ‘tour’ my territory/kingdom.

Tarot card of the day is “The Emperor”, symbolizing the masculine principle, the animus within us and the patriarchy. This card is representative of structure and stability and thus implies that we’re creating order out of chaos by mapping out what needs to be done, sticking with the plan and seeing it through to its completion. We have to be highly organized and coordinated in our approach and must maintain our concentration and focus. Moreover, we need to become or bring forth our own authority and know that we can master our world.


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