Astro-Notes on May 3, 2014 – nothing is stopping us

Since the Moon’s ingress to Cancer early this morning at 2:12 am EDT could we feel more protected and cared for. Mercury in Taurus’ quincunx to retrograde Ceres in Libra on which he follows up with a semi-sextile to Eris in Aries shows that we keep making adjustments to our plans after we had to review how accommodating the weather is for these purposes together with arrangements we made and then renegotiated certain conditions or terms to ensure our own best interests are guaranteed, while bringing forth our competitive spirit. The Sun in Taurus’ trine to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn indicates that our persistence in this regard will pay off at the end of the day with the result that we will feel more satisfied as well as accomplished after all we underwent and mastered.

Tarot card of the day is the Knight of Swords”, indicating that we’re embarking on a new project or idea and there’s no stopping us. We’re headstrong and outspoken as we know what we are talking about and let others know where we or they stand, thereby going straight to the point. Certain things can no longer be avoided – the confrontation will come and commence. Yet, there is great ambition, determination and strength as our physical, emotional and spiritual energy is at a peak. Group discussions with like-minded people are best suited to inspire and motivate one another.


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