Astro-Notes on May 4, 2014 – sweet justice

A semi-sextile from the Sun in Taurus to Uranus in

Aries shows that we prepare ourselves for a change from our usual routines as we are getting ready to pursue more exciting avenues that complement our sense of individuality together with our social purpose and this might feel like a breakthrough or even ‘sweet justice’, considering the card I drew for today. For once, the Sun is out after a week of continuous raining, which comes as such a relief in regard to certain group activities some of my acquaintances have planned. Not to mention that it lightens up the mood considerably.

Tarot card of the day is Justice”, indicating that justice will be served and a fair decision will be made. The workings of karma will be evident. Therefore, an understanding of cause and effect or consequences is necessary. A sharp mind is needed and so is a clear-sighted view. This is a time to remain objective and impartial. We need to apply ethical principles, try to do what’s right and play by the rules. Thus, we can handle the situation and settle old accounts and debts.


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