Astro-Notes on May 30, 2014 – recovery

Retrograde Ceres in Libra receives a semi-square from Pallas in Virgo and a semi-sextile from retrograde Saturn in Scorpio. This aspect configuration suggests that it is time for us to review the nurturing principle in our lives, because we can tell it’s out of whack. Therefore, we need to re-evaluate how we can improve methods and strategies we have devised for our daily functioning or routines, which extends to our diet, in order to be able to recover from the latest ‘fallout’, pick up the pieces and get back in shape. After the Moon’s ingress to Cancer at 10:13 am EDT will we feel more caring or being cared for as well as supported.

Tarot card of the day is the Page of Cups”, representing some sort of beginning or renewal, which could herald a positive message we respond to in an emotional manner. Our intuition is sharp today and creative energy is trying to burst forth into our consciousness. Therefore, we need to be open to receive, express our emotions and let our heart lead the way. This card encourages us to take a fresh perspective on a difficult issue and to allow our creative Self to come to the fore so that a sense of freedom may reappear in our life.

In the news: Obesity study raises alarm bells – From sitting to standing on the job for better health – etc.

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