Astro-Notes on June 1, 2014 – rebouncing and rebalancing

So, with the semi-square between Venus in Taurus and Chiron

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Image Source

in Pisces yesterday, I wasn’t able to post the blog in the morning. I’m usually too tired when I reach this ‘crisis’ in my work week and go from Friday late shift to Saturday early shift. Just don’t have enough energy or focus to concentrate on creative writing. As a consequence, I keep falling behind and then feel as though I cannot catch up anymore, which is one of my stressors with Saturn in Aquarius in house 6 in semi-square aspect to Ceres in Capricorn in house 5, over which he rules (in addition to Saturn’s out-of-sign opposition to Mars in Virgo in house 12). But clearly, this was also about priorities as well as my wellbeing and wholeness. Thus, something had to give and the same was true later in the day when I chose to go on a long, relaxing walk through nature instead of sitting here tied to the computer. Except for a good night of sleep, there is nothing more healing for me than walking through nature. It has such a soothing, whole-making affect on me and this was especially evident with the Gemini Sun’s trine to Mars in Libra in addition to Juno in Taurus’ sextile to Jupiter in Cancer with Juno conjuncting my natal Jupiter to top it off (things went well at work too)! So, there was a good chance that we could just have felt as though things have finally taken a turn for the better with opportunities to support our growth knocking on our door, so to speak. We could have really felt happy with ourselves as well as happy to be alive and grateful for the options we have, while having been motivated to make the best of our day, thereby nurturing the relationships that mean so much to us.

Tarot card of the day was the King of Swords”, symbolizing a decision-maker, who lives by clear logic and fact and by justice and fairness, has a sharp mind and a high intellect and expands on inner wisdom. He is impartial, puts emotions aside, makes informed decisions and applies mind over matter. Thus, it was a day when we filtered our thoughts and imagination and put them into cohesive ideas and projects.

Today now, Venus in Taurus is trining Pallas in Virgo, showing that our approach worked out and paid off as the result of well-used strategies in the pursuit of our values. In fact, we’ve smartened up about our personal values and priorities and also what we have to integrate into our routines to feel well. As Ceres, who has been in retrograde motion since February 27, stations direct in the 19th degree of Libra at 4:16 pm EDT this afternoon, the maternal, nurturing principle we’ve been reviewing during this time can now be balanced to serve our needs better. Ceres will only enter new territory on August 13, which will bring new developments in this regard. After the Moon’s ingress to Leo at 9:42 pm EDT will we feel more playful and self-loving, while seeking to express our creative side or inner child.

Tarot card of the day is the Page of Swords”, a card that is also called “The Renewer” and is all about communication, information and ideas and indicates the ability to rise above emotional confusion. The Page or Princess of Swords represents commitment to a new way of life, because of the settling and cutting away of past inner conflicts, the regaining of mental clarity and a victory over emotional moods. Manifestation of our dreams can actually happen in the not so distant future as she delivers messages of change and news of official matters.


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