Astro-Notes on June 7, 2014 – giving from the heart

Mercury stations retrograde at 03:10 degrees of Cancer this morning at 7:56 am EDT. He will retrace his steps to 24:23 Gemini, where he will turn direct on July 1. This

initiates a period during which we review ‘old plans’, the bonds that nurture us and the connections we can rely on, but also our subjective thoughts and how the past has influenced our way of thinking. A quincunx from Venus in Taurus to Mars in Libra requires an adjustment in our personal priorities or values to be able to along with relationships activities and contribute our fair share. The Sun in Gemini’s trine to Vesta in Libra shows that we adapt our purpose accordingly as we keep ourselves busy with things we hold sacred and invest our energy in relationships or causes, which allow us to express our versatility.

Tarot card of the day is the Queen of Cups”, symbolizing a seeker of inner transformation who possesses a strong perspective and perceptive nature. Suggested is furthermore that we are acknowledging our emotions and feelings. We trust our intuition and listen to our inner voice as well as to the sensations and impressions we’re getting from our environment. In our interactions with others we need to empathize and show true compassion, helping people along their chosen pathway. This is a day when we’ll be following the lead of our heart.


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