Astro-Notes on June 10, 2014 – a positive outlook

A waxing sesqui-quadrate from Jupiter in Cancer to retrograde Neptune in Pisces marks this as a time of growing uncertainty and loss or disorientation, when we have to be aware of our projections and expectations as we seek to uphold our convictions and principles or to hold on to our hopes and visions. Although we don’t have the answers yet and could feel overwhelmed by the situation, we need to keep believing and let us be guided by our higher values. There is always something to look forward to and to be grateful for. Cultivating a positive outlook in order to invite good fortune or prosperity into our lives is important.

Tarot card of the day is the Ace of Pentacles”, indicating a new beginning that involves the material aspect of our lives. New investments and business ventures are becoming available. We can proceed with trust and take advantage of what works for us, while focusing on concrete results and on the manifestation of our goals. We can make a real-world impact; we’re experiencing growth, a feeling of prosperity and abundance, we flourish and draw to us what we need. Moreover, we operate from a known position, have a support system and can achieve tangible results.


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