Astro-Notes on June 15, 2014 – Father’s Day

A quincunx between Vesta in Libra and Chiron in

Pisces, which has been part of the complex aspect pattern around the Sagittarius Full Moon is perfecting today, and this shows that we shifted our focus rather indeliberately toward an unresolved problem pertaining to certain relationship dynamics or agreements, which have been a recurrent source of pain. Therefore, the situation requires an uncompromising stance, especially as we’re coming out of the third and last Mars-Pluto square, that leaves no room for more ‘back-and-forth-pedaling’, but sets the terms or rules of engagement straight. Today, we also celebrate Father’s Day. It is interesting to note ‘how many cans of worms have been opened’ at this time since this event is of course related to the patriarchy (p.ex. – etc. etc. etc.). My own father died in 1982, a very long time ago. With Sun conjunct Neptune and opposite Jupiter, he was the hero of my life and I idolized him (I also have Pallas conjunct South Node – came into this world being Daddy’s girl). Yesterday, I had to ensure that my ex husband keeps an eye on my daughter as things have been evolving for her. Although he’s not her father, I’m grateful that he came to her rescue more than once and is protecting and helping her. In this sense, Happy Father’s Day Joe!
The Moon will make ingress to Aquarius at 1:27 pm EDT, stirring up our inner life and exciting us.

Tarot card of the day is the 10 of Cups”, suggesting that we’re calling a truce and restoring harmony where it is needed. We’re working for peace and reaffirming our commitment to bonds. Thus, we create an atmosphere where we can relax, while reducing stress and tensions, and consequently have a chance to experience serenity and contentment. Generally, we can be more at ease. This card is reflective of our personal value system and of what we believe will bring us the ultimate fulfillment and happiness in life.


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