Astro-Notes on June 23, 2014 – finding middle ground

Venus made ingress to Gemini this morning at 8:33 am EDT, where she will be traversing until July 18, which corresponds to a period when we are more flexible and adaptable in regard to our values, priorities, preferences and attachments. During this time, we could also be dealing with mixed feelings, voice or communicate our needs and wants more clearly, learn more or educate ourselves about finances and the material aspect of life in general and think or inform and concern ourselves more with beauty, worth and self-worth issues, validation, lifestyle and the things that brings us happiness and contentment. With the Sun in Cancer engaged in a sesqui-quadrate aspect to retrograde Saturn in Scorpio, we’re undergoing a time of crisis support-wise, when inevitable conditions necessitate that we take care of ourselves, our past and close family as we’re trying to cope with consequences, limitations and shared responsibilities and resources. While Pallas in Virgo forms a semi-square to the North Node in Libra (sesqui-quadrate South Node in Aries), retrograde Mercury in Gemini casts a trine to this point (sextile SN in Aries). Therefore, we know we have to be of service and help out as good as we can or as far as this is possible, find solutions for these problems and come up with workable strategies to be able to accommodate our future prospects, instead of struggling with politics or circumstances over which we have no control anyways. Reviewing the latest facts, data and communications we had will assist us in making the right decisions and arrangements.

Tarot card of the day is Temperance”, suggesting a need for emotional stability, which can be achieved through moderation and a commitment to sobriety. We need to find middle ground, avoid excess, foster cooperation, cleanse our body and mind, heal ourselves and recognize the flow in our life. As we observe the nature of energy, we learn how to mix the right ingredients in our own life to maintain equilibrium and see all imbalances drifting away. Instead of sweeping changes subtle shifts need to take place. With renewed energy and vigor comes the promise of new growth.

In the news:

With Venus in the last degree of Taurus and the Moon in Taurus I used the opportunity of being off work and having nice, warm weather yesterday to recover from a cold I had caught when t Venus was squaring my natal Saturn. No major aspects were formed yesterday anyway. With the ‘Knight of Swords’ as Tarot card of the day, we had a Blues- and Rib-Festival downtown, which I visited later in the afternoon once I felt better. Since my daughter stayed overnight, we went grocery shopping in the morning (here the Prince of Swords helped me to get my stuff home easily and quickly) and discussed our future plans and strategies. While out on my balcony, enjoying the Sun, I read a book – so, mental or air energy was at its peak for me. 🙂


Astro-Notes on June 21, 2014 – Summer Solstice

Reaching its northernmost point from the equator, the Sun’s ingress to Cancer at 6:51 am EDT

this morning marks the summer solstice and the beginning of summer. Consequently, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we experience the longest day, whereas for the Southern Hemisphere it is the longest night and the start of winter. As the Sun seems to ‘stand still’ (sol sistere) high in the sky, we transition into ‘stasis’ and have a chance to pause, stop and take stock before fully committing ourselves to the new season. Individual development is at peak. There is liveliness and vibrancy as well as a re-gathering and refocusing of intent. A time of Self-nurturance and Self-growth, even Self-preservation, of sustaining our sense of Self, supporting and taking care of our center and core identity, is beginning now. Consequently, Venus in Taurus engages in a sesqui-quadrate to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn on which she follows up with a semi-sextile to retrograde Mercury in Gemini, urging us to recover, rebuild and reorganize our affairs in order to feel secure, content and validated and to have our values and priorities met. Then we can shift our focus back toward more pleasant things, socialize, enjoy the scene or setting or whatever offers us sensual and mental delights and this will even come easier to us after the Moon’s ingress to Taurus at 11:03 pm EDT.

Tarot card of the day is The Fool”, for the 3rd time this month (there is a message here!), referring to unlimited potential, new beginnings, a sense of innocence and naivety. Anything can happen as we start on this journey. We could be taken into unchartered territory and thus need to be aware of the risks and dangers we could encounter, but also need to be ready to take on the opportunities presented to us. This card encourages us to have faith and calls upon us to trust, believe in our spirit and to follow our heart.

Personal Note: My daughter will pick me up from work this afternoon. I have theatre tickets for later tonight. We’ll be seeing Shakespeare’s ‘A midsummer night’s dream’, right in sync with the event. 🙂

Astro-Notes on June 20, 2014 – hurry up already

Venus in Taurus casts a quincunx to the North Node in Libra (semi-sextile South Node in Aries), indicating a value or priority adjustment we make to be able to accommodate relationship needs, which have arisen recently and where we took the initiative or reacted promptly to cooperate with the situation and ensure our future prospects are met. As Chiron stations retrograde at 17:45 degrees of Pisces at 8:45 am EDT, a period begins during which we will review and reflect on the wounding and healing principle and our unfinished business or unresolved issues in this regard.
Personally and right in sync with the “Knight of Swords” I have to hurry up, because I switched shifts in the ‘spur of a moment’, so to speak, as our anniversary sale is starting today and we want to make sure that all the procedures, which are part of our daily routine as department managers, are taken care of. Therefore, once I returned home yesterday, I had to do all the tasks I had left for this morning originally. My daughter will pick me up from work tomorrow afternoon, because we have tickets for the theatre and I want to get everything ready for her visit.

Tarot card of the day is the Knight of Swords”, indicating that we’re embarking on a new project or idea and there’s no stopping us. We’re headstrong and outspoken as we know what we are talking about and let others know where we or they stand, thereby going straight to the point. Certain things can no longer be avoided – the confrontation will come and commence. Yet, there is great ambition, determination and strength as our physical, emotional and spiritual energy is at a peak. Group discussions with like-minded people are best suited to inspire and motivate one another.

Astro-Notes on June 19, 2014 – the right mindset

As the waning Pisces Moon squares the Gemini Sun at 2:38 pm EDT to mark the

Third Quarter Moon phase in the Gemini lunation cycle, the accompanying ‘crisis in consciousness’ tests our reality picture and idealism. Can we see the light at the end of the tunnel, of this victimizing situation, where we kept dragging our feet or do we have to wait even longer until we can get our hopes up again? We might be wondering, if this is yet another spin in this story that leads nowhere and only adds to our disillusionment? Therefore, we’re challenged to overcome the uncertainty ‘during this period of strike’ (Sabian Symbol of the Gemini New Moon) that feels like our hands are bound. Retrograde Mercury and the Sun meet in Gemini for their inferior conjunction later in the afternoon, which starts a new synodic cycle and impresses our minds with a new quality of will and purpose. Consequently, our attitude and thus, how we respond to the new trends will have an impact in regard to whether we will make progress in this matter or not (Juno in Gemini is still semi-square Uranus in Aries). After the Moon’s ingress to Aries at 5:25 pm EDT will we feel more determined and ready for action.

Tarot card of the day is the 8 of Swords”, suggesting that we need to look at a difficult situation from a new angle and with a different perspective. Because our thinking is limited and we’re struggling to see a way out of our dilemma, it is imperative that we open our eyes to the options that lay in front of us. There are choices available, but in order to recognize them, we have to get into the right mindset first.

Astro-Notes on June 18, 2014 – taking our chances

Venus in Taurus forms a sextile to Jupiter in Cancer, while Juno in Gemini is approaching a semi-square to Uranus in Aries. Thus, as we seek to move forward in a relationship situation that has become a matter of concern and urgency, because things have been taken out of our hands, we have to take our chances and intervene or risk something along the way, thereby supporting our beliefs and principles and making sure our needs are being taken care of so that we can continue to prosper.

Tarot card of the day is The Fool”, referring to unlimited potential, new beginnings, a sense of innocence and naivety. Anything can happen as we start on this journey. We could be taken into unchartered territory and thus need to be aware of the risks and dangers we could encounter, but also need to be ready to take on the opportunities presented to us. This card encourages us to have faith and calls upon us to trust, believe in our spirit and to follow our heart.

In the news:

Astro-Notes on June 17, 2014 – moving out of troubled waters

This morning at 6:04 am EDT, retrograde Mercury returns to Gemini,

where he will traverse until July 13. Consequently, we will revisit matters of communication together with ideas proposed or plans made back in May. Mercury engages right away in a semi-sextile with Juno in the last degree of Taurus. Therefore, we have a last chance to address recent relationship issues we treated with too much subjectivity and stubbornness or insistence or where we were stuck in a rut. At 7:02 am EDT will Juno make ingress to Gemini, where she will be transiting until August 9, which corresponds to a period when we are more flexible and adaptable in the ways we relate to and interact with others and when our relationships are generally more versatile and diverse and keep us busy, while we deal with them objectively and based on facts. A semi-sextile between Venus in Taurus and Eris in Aries shows that we adjust our personal values and priorities accordingly to be able to act in our self-interests. The Sun in Gemini’s trine to the North Node in Libra (sextile South Node in Aries) indicates that we’ve successfully arranged future meetings and get-togethers, because we used the opportunity to initiate contact or conversation in this context. After the Moon’s ingress to Pisces at 2:25 pm EDT will we seek common ground and unite with others in solidarity.

Tarot card of the day is the 6 of Swords”, which indicates a slight reduction in stress and strain. Things will be better than they were in the recent past, all of which is helpful to get our head above water. The bottom has been reached and the process of healing has begun. There is finality in this journey. The future is not yet visible, but the past is definitely over. We’re moving away from turbulence toward calmer times and will need to make a transition that is better for us in the long-term.

Astro-Notes on June 16, 2014 – getting a lot accomplished

No new aspects form today, except of the Moon’s, of course. She will contact retrograde Pluto, Mars, retrograde Mercury, Uranus, retrograde Saturn, Chiron, Vesta and Ceres – in that order and from 10 am on throughout the day. Thus, we’ll be subjected to different influences, which will affect our mood and can cause a bit of stir or a few swings for that matter. Personally, I can already tell it’s gonna be a hectic day with her being in Aquarius. Even more things on my agenda than I had planned after I was in the city yesterday evening, but that’s the deal with a retrograde Mercury – you have to go back there. So, issues have accumulated, personal affairs need to be taken care of and I also have to plan and prepare for my vacation in July. Thus, I have to make the most of my spare time today and better get my stuff together. 🙂

Tarot card of the day is Strength”, suggesting that we draw upon our inner strength and the power of our spirit and will. With compassion and understanding can we handle the most difficult situation and also tame the beast within. We have the ability to be tolerant, forgiving and accepting and thus can gently influence our environment. Furthermore, we can be assured that we have enough endurance to see things through to their end and get a lot accomplished.

In the news: