Astro-Notes on July 6, 2014 – recognizing choices

Today, Pallas in Virgo engages in a quincunx to Uranus in

Aries and a sextile to retrograde Saturn in Scorpio. Venus in Gemini moves into this aspect pattern with a square to Pallas, a sextile to Uranus and a quincunx to Saturn Rx, which is making things a bit more complex or complicated, while leaving us with mixed feelings about the whole matter. We thought we had it all figured out, had made all the necessary adjustments so that everything would work out perfectly what our personal priorities or preferences concerns. However, looking at the progress we made so far and the trends together with the obstacles we have to deal with or limitations we must accept, there’s a chance we can’t meet the deadline after all. Therefore, and after the input we’ve received, we’ve come to a decision and do the smart thing, even though this requires quite a few adjustments and might not be the best choice in regard to our personal needs and wants, but it could prove to be the just the most effective method or approach to a situation that could otherwise easily get out of our hands. After the Moon’s ingress to Scorpio at 3:33 pm EDT will we seek renewal and empowerment.

Tarot card of the day is the 2 of Pentacles”, advising us to strike a balance. This card comes with the message of unification as well as of recognizing choices and alternatives. It is important to think before we act, to be clear on our priorities and also on where we want to invest our time and energy. We need to maintain the harmony, be patient and cope with the demands in order to get on top of daily affairs. However, we could be feeling in high spirits and do something we enjoy.

Personal Notes: Yesterday when transiting Venus in Gemini squared my natal Uranus-Chiron opposition (with Uranus ruling my 6th house of work and my natal Saturn – obligations in this regard) I decided to go on the nightshift for the remaining 4 days of this work week in order to be able to accomplish my tasks as a department manager before I will leave on vacation. A co-worker, who is also a department manager had made the same arrangements for herself, which convinced me of the necessity of this sacrifice (natal Chiron in Pisces) and so did the reality we’re facing when we work during the day with customers in the store. Also, my SWAS leader to whom I have to report, agreed and admitted to this fact, even though that leaves him too in a somewhat dire situation during the day. However, deadlines have to be met and although I had my work week planned so that my schedule would fit my personal needs, I have to make these compromises based on the complicated circumstances. Yet, this might enable me to get on top of my affairs at work, though to my personal ‘detriment’ of course.


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