Astro-Notes on July 8, 2014 – moving forward with care

Venus in Gemini’s square to retrograde Chiron in Pisces together with

<the Sun in Cancer’s square to Uranus in Aries on which he follows up with a trine to retrograde Saturn in Scorpio, still in sextile aspect with Pallas in Virgo, keep us on our toes, while tuning up the pressure and accelerating the pace. However, if we use our time effectively instead of wasting it complaining about things we’re unhappy about and remove the obstacles in our way, we can turn a corner, see things through to the end and accomplish what we set out to do. We just have to go with the flow and not resisting it, because we want things our way. Juno in Gemini’s quincunx to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn shows an adjustment in relationship dynamics, which helps us to get over ourselves and regain control over our affairs.

Tarot card of the day is The Chariot”, suggesting that we take control and move forward with care. There is a need to remain focused and to keep the emotions in check. We need to harness our energy and apply it wisely. Self-discipline is important to be able to balance the light and shadow aspects of our personality.


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