Astro-Notes on August 6, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Mercury in Leo quincunx Pluto Rx in Capricorn
– Venus in Cancer square Eris Rx in Aries
– Ceres ingress to Scorpio at 11:44 pm EDT (til Oct. 27 – first ingress Feb.3)

Reorganized conditions or circumstances require an adjustment of our personal plans or agenda and this doesn’t sit well with us. In fact, we might get really fed up as well as defensive, thereby ‘contesting’ the mindlessness or competition we encounter and not caring about our attitude, but acting in our self-interest. However, this is not always bad. Sometimes, we need a little push or incentive to help ourselves. With Ceres’ ingress to Scorpio a period begins during which we seek to transform and evolve the maternal principle, especially in the way we influence life developments, seasonal or cyclical growth and share or merge our creative, nurturing resources. Moreover, this is going to be a time when we’re more passionate about and involved with nutrition, the environment, ‘mothering’ and the ‘mysteries’ of life and death. For some though, grief and sorrow could intensify, darkening and deepening their source of nourishment, even destroying ‘seeds’ and ‘crops’.

Tarot card of the day is the 3 of Wands”, suggesting opportunities to expand our horizons as everything is progressing steadily and we’re motivated to make changes and explore options. There is a creative blending of energy as we’ve reached the point where action is now taking place and others are willing to help us make things happen. Consequently, we need to become aware of more potential that exists outside of our current environment and think big. It’s a card of vision and foresight and looking for greater possibilities. Therefore, we need to remain open-minded and adopt a longer-term view.


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