Astro-Notes on August 8, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Sun-Mercury superior conjunction in Leo trine Uranus Rx in Aries, quincunx Chiron Rx in Pisces and square Saturn in Scorpio
– Juno ingress to Cancer at 9:29 pm EDT (until Oct.7)

The idea or mental impetus that was imprinted upon our minds at the time of the inferior conjunction of Sun and Mercury in Gemini on June 19 can now be seen in the light of meaning and this might result in important revelations and insights, which provide us with fresh creative inspiration, thereby giving us a new perspective on matters concerning our identity, life path and Self-realization. These issues have been a source of continuous wounding, affecting our pride and confidence and thus, our performance and loyalty, even causing us desperation and deep frustration, we haven’t been able to transcend or bridge so far. Finally though, there is a silver lining on the horizon, promising an end to our problems for which we have to overcome the last or final obstacles, fears and challenges still blocking us from getting our ‘stuff’ together and on top of our personal ‘world’. Suddenly, the outlook has changed and we can trust in the universe or higher powers and also in our own capabilities once again, while reorienting us toward these new trends. Later tonight a period begins during which take on a more caring, nurturing role as others will be more helpful and supportive and we feel safer to bond with and depend on them.

Tarot card of the day is the Page of Swords”, a card that is also called “The Renewer” and is all about communication, information and ideas and indicates the ability to rise above emotional confusion. The Page or Princess of Swords represents commitment to a new way of life, because of the settling and cutting away of past inner conflicts, the regaining of mental clarity and a victory over emotional moods. Manifestation of our dreams can actually happen in the not so distant future as she delivers messages of change and news of official matters.


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