Astro-Notes on August 10, 2014 – Aquarius Full Moon

Daily aspects:
– Full Moon at 18:02 Aquarius/Leo at 2:09 pm EDT
– Pallas ingress to Libra at 11:29 pm EDT (until Oct.19)

As the Leo lunation reaches its peak with the Aquarius Full Moon, the ‘seed tone’ that was sounding forth with the Aquarius New Moon back on February 2nd of this year culminates too. Consequently, ‘the trophies the formerly dressed elderly man brought back from his hunting experience’ (Sabian Symbol for the Leo New Moon), or, in other words, ‘the dramatization of his achievements’ (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Leo New Moon) have caused a ‘forest fire’ (Sabian Symbol for Aquarius Full Moon). Therefore, ‘the man’s will to conquer his animal nature’ (keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Leo New Moon) has resulted in the necessity to ‘bring the destructive potential of his carelessness under control’ (keynote of Sabian Symbol for the Aquarius Full Moon). At the same time has the ‘new inspiration received during a silent hour’ (Sabian Symbol for Aquarius New Moon) led to ‘a houseboat party’ (Sabian Symbol for the Leo Sun) and thus, to ‘freedom from social rigidity’ (keynote of Sabian Symbol for the Leo Sun), which ‘may change his life’ (Sabian Symbol for the Aquarius New Moon).

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 18:02 Aquarius states:
“A forest fire is being subdued by the use of water, chemicals and sheer muscular energy. Keynote: The skill and courage necessary to bring under control the destructive potential of carelessness of karmic ‘visitations’ – INDOMITABILITY.”

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 18:02 Leo states:
“A houseboat party. Keynote: The enjoyment of temporary freedom from rigidly structured social behavior – FREEDOM FROM SOCIAL RIGIDITY.”

(Dane Rudhyar, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolical Phases”, Pages 261 and 142-143, respectively)

Aquarius Full Moon 2014

So, we can say that the fire of unfulfilled desires, which has been burning at the core of our identity and at times threatened to consume us and ravaged with aching pain through our inner landscape, even leaving deep scares on our soul (Saturn in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces), has finally been contained, because we took charge over our circumstances. This means, we refuse to play the victim or martyr any longer, realizing that being defensive and reactive is getting us nowhere, but keeps us struggling and feeling defeated (SN in Aries). Instead, we have to run the show with natural confidence in our abilities and inherent potential, make arrangements for the trends we can anticipate in the future and create win-win situations (NN in Libra). Not only will we feel liberated as a result – as a group or collective we will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and ‘celebrate’ our ‘new-found freedom’ together with the success or triumph that will ensue from these developments. Therefore, a period starts during which we focus on team-work and cooperation and seek to employ politics based on ‘civility and sophistication’, fairness, mutual agreement and reconciliation.

Tarot card of the day is the 4 of Pentacles”, signifying the need to hold onto what we have achieved so far. Control can be gained by overcoming our present obstacles and by taking charge over our life and creating order where it is needed. We are urged to let go off anxiety and count our blessings. Our situation is not as bad as we fear. It is important to cultivate a feeling of gratitude and to make the best use of our advantage.


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  1. You’re very welcome, Sabina. Sorry that I cannot always live up to my creative intentions. Sometimes, time is scarce, other times I lack the inspiration. Miss you on FB. 🙂

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