Astro-Notes on September 2, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Mercury ingress to Libra at 1:37 am EDT (until Sept. 27)
– First Quarter Moon at 9:55 Sag/Virgo at 7:11 am EDT
– Venus in Leo sesqui Pluto Rx in Capricorn

Early this morning we started a period during which our focus will be on relationships, contracts, interactions with others, negotiations and the terms of engagement; when we seek to accommodate, cooperate or reach agreements with our contacts and to be fair, smooth, conciliatory and civil in the way we communicate. Therefore, it is critical that we keep our temper in check and stay away from drama when things don’t go our way or just don’t work out. It might feel like another setback, but it’s not the end of the world and we cannot take it personally if we want to be able to manage this situation. We just need to stand back from the issue and look at it from a different perspective and then roll up our sleeves and reorganize our affairs. Thus, at this phase in the Virgo lunation cycle, ‘the crisis in action’ tests our resolve by challenging our tolerance level and ultimately, our self-control. While some healthy criticism might be appropriate in a few instances, we also have to be understanding, even when others’ decisions don’t please us.

Tarot card of the day is The Hierophant”, representing traditional values and moral development. This card is suggesting that we stay within conventional bounds and follow established social structures and traditions. There is a need to conform to rules or fixed situations and to go along with the program. We are working as part of a team and are doing the right thing. This concerns especially the bridging of the earthly and divine, which can be achieved by using our situation or particular circumstances to transcend as yet unevolved aspects of ourselves. A gateway to higher consciousness is open for us today that allows us to access the sacred as we try to understand the inner world.

Yep, back to school or back to work. 🙂


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