Astro-Notes on September 9, 2014

Daily aspects:
– Ceres in Scorpio sextile Pluto Rx in Capricorn
– Sun in Virgo sextile Juno in Cancer and sextile Vesta in Scorpio
– Venus in Virgo semi-square NN in Libra/sesqui SN in Aries and opposition to Neptune Rx in Pisces
– Mercury in Libra square Pluto Rx in Capricorn, semi-sextile Ceres in Scorpio and sextile Jupiter in Leo
– Moon ingress to Aries at 7:33 pm EDT

As usual when I return to work after my weekend, I find my departments in a disheveled condition and

many things rearranged – for better or for worse. LOL. Yesterday morning was no different and it took me 2 hours to have everything cleaned up, zoned, recovered and reorganized before I could start with my daily routine. I did not only feel better after that little exercise, I also intensified my efforts to get back on top of my affairs by completing the last modular and thus, having this task out of the way so that I can commit myself wholeheartedly to the managing part. I also received the remaining fact tags for the vacuums. So, this job has been completed and today now will I give everything the ‘final touch’, so to speak, which includes asking head office for some mark down money for deleted items. What my personal business concerns, I will find a way to print out my flyers for the Beginner’s course in astrology I want to advertise and then I will approach a special store downtown and see if we can get in ‘business’. So, this is an excellent example of the current energy weather. We can gain advantages from sources of support as well as our own empowered position. If we take our chances we can work things out for us personally by investing our energy into the things we hold sacred and dedicating us to the relationships, which help us on our path. It is moreover important that we arrange for our future prospects, particularly in regard to matters of cooperation and teamwork, instead of going it alone or fighting what doesn’t work out right away, so that we can serve our values and improve the way we relate to others. To be continued……..I’m already pretty late.

Tarot card of the day is the 2 of Wands”, representing the urge to move on, be bold and daring as well as original and proactive. This card indicates that we have come to a time of decision, where we must decide whether we want to build on what we have or perhaps expand in a new direction. Therefore, it is imperative that we bring forward the patience and focus of our intent and maximize on these opportunities, which are coming our way now. We need to confront the situation head-on, leave familiar grounds behind, step out into a new world and explore our options. Moreover, this card can also refer to the productive meeting of minds, from which partnerships can prosper and be successful.

So much for my good intentions. I couldn’t really get ahead at work – only with stocking my shelves – and neither could I print out the flyer (I still haven’t found that USB flash drive) or get the store owner to agree to my proposal. The Mercury-Pluto square brought me back to square one or square two, at least. Due to my ‘business’ downtown, I came home later than usual and then had to peel and cut all the ingredients for my paella I prepared for my work lunches, after which I had to do the dishes and clean my kitchen, of course (Mercury in Libra semi-sextile Ceres and sextile Jupiter). Therefore, I had to skip the fitness too. Not the most productive day in the sense I had hoped. Disappointment is sinking in. Not to mention that I haven’t heard back yet from my daughter (Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune Rx in Pisces). As a consequence of these latest developments, we have to adjust our plans, thereby relying on our own resourcefulness as we weigh our personal options.


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